The big idea

The big idea

This time last year I decided that I wanted to quit my job as a science teacher and follow my dream of owning my own business. Don't get me wrong, teaching never has a dull moment and there are rewarding times to be had but it just didn't light my fire anymore. 

So why makeup brushes? Well, I have always loved sitting down to put my makeup on every day (or kneeling on the floor in front of the mirror on my windowsill in my case). I started watching YouTube tutorials on how to carry out different techniques then I would try them out. I often failed miserably but I persevered.

The one thing I noticed was the huge number of makeup brushes these makeup artists owned. I mean, they would use anywhere between ten to fifteen different brushes for one look alone. I owned three brushes! Desperate for the perfect contour and winged liner I hit the shops to purchase some decent brushes. Sure, there were some very nice brushes out there but the price...! There was no chance I was prepared to fork out £35 of my hard earned salary for a foundation brush, knowing full well I needed about eight to ten different brushes for my perfectly flawless look. 

Equally important to me was that the brushes I used were cruelty-free and contained no animal products. I have watched too many videos of poor bunnies, minks and foxes being crammed into tiny dirty cages for the beauty industry and wanted no part of that. Finding makeup brushes that were professional quality, cruelty free and wouldn't cost me a month's salary became my personal challenge for the next few weeks. My challenge soon became an impossibility. That's when I decided that if I couldn't find the brushes I wanted I would design my own.

Thats when Flawless was born! 

(I'm still working on my winged liner).



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