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Very Cherry Lip Scrub

Very Cherry Lip Scrub

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Experience “Nature's Kiss” with our Very Cherry lip scrub. 

Each 15ml glass jar is packed with vegan, plastic-free, handmade, moisturising delicious goodness!

1. Vegan: Our Very Cherry Lip Scrub is made with 100% vegan ingredients, ensuring a cruelty-free and ethical product.

2. Plastic-Free Packaging: We are committed to reducing plastic waste, which is why our lip scrub comes in eco-friendly glass packaging that is completely free from plastic.

3. Handmade: Each jar of our Very Cherry Lip Scrub is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring attention to detail and quality in every batch.

4. Moisturising: Formulated with sweet almond oil, our lip scrub not only exfoliates but also moisturises your lips, leaving them soft, smooth, and hydrated.

5. Delicious: Infused with the irresistible flavour of cherries, our lip scrub offers a delightful and enjoyable experience, making your lip care routine a treat for your senses.

To use:

Scoop a small amount of our sugary scrub across your lips to exfoliate. Lick off the excess - yum! Enjoy the moisturising effect left behind by the nourishing almond oil which has been carefully blended into each jar.



Sucrose, prunus amygdalus (almond) oil, Cherry aroma, mica. 

We contribute to reducing plastic waste with our lip scrub packaging in the following ways:

1. Plastic-Free Materials: Our lip scrub packaging is completely free from any plastic materials. We use alternative materials including glass jars with aluminium lids to package our lip scrubs.

2. Reusable and Recyclable: Our packaging is designed to be reusable and recyclable. Once you finish using the lip scrub, you can repurpose the container for other purposes or recycle it according to your local recycling guidelines. Or send it back to us and we will sanitise it and reuse it!

3. Minimalist Design: We believe in minimalism and simplicity when it comes to packaging. By keeping our packaging design minimal, we reduce the amount of material used and minimise waste.

4. Sustainable Sourcing: We ensure that the materials used in our packaging are sourced sustainably and locally, considering factors such as environmental impact and ethical practices.

By adopting these practices, we aim to minimise the environmental footprint of our lip scrub packaging and contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

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